A-NITI AAYOG: A retrospective series - Part 1

Should I write this series at all?

3 questions to answer before I begin

It’s very difficult to write about a previous employer, especially if that employer happens to be the Government. Over the duration of the employment, one is likely to hear or witness actions that are questionable. The questions that I ponder over -

  1. Should I write about my experiences?
  2. Can I write my experiences without “solid proof”? (The proof is in my head!)
  3. Will anything happen to me if I proceed with this?

Should I write?

To be honest, these are difficult questions. Am I thinking too high of myself to assume that anything I have to say is of any importance? After all, I was only a Young Professional at NITI Aayog, and only for an year. There are people with more experience, higher in the pecking order at that institution who I’m sure will have even better stories than mine. However, as these are my experiences, it’s important to me.

  1. Should I write about my experiences? - Yes. I can, and I will. Whether it’ll end up being important to others is not in my hands. I want to document my experiences somewhere, and this blog is a place I’ve identified for the purpose.

What about proof?

The second question takes us to uncertain territory. Can I write about certain experiences without “solid proof”? And by solid proof, I mean any material, the veracity of which can be ascertained by a third-party - independent individuals or organisations. This may not be always possible. I didn’t carry around a secret recorder to capture everything I ever witnessed or heard. As readers, you may have to take a leap of faith and assume that what I report is true. However, I’ll try to give evidence backing the claims made wherever available.

  1. Can I write my experiences without “solid proof?” - Yes, because my experiences are real to me and true to the best of my knowledge. I don’t practice in the art of fake news. Nevertheless, I’ll try to provide evidence wherever possible.

Will I be alright?

Final question is truly unpredictable. Again, the doubt in my mind is this - am I thinking too high of myself? Will the government even care about what some guy with only 1 year of work-ex with that organisation has to say? I mean, there are secrets or actions that are a zillion times more problematic, unethical, immoral, and plain wrong that goes on in this country. Why should the government care? May be they won’t. However, if I do end up proceeding with this, I may end up burning bridges with a few good people I worked with at NITI Aayog. Is it worth it?

  1. Will anything happen to me if I proceed with this? - TBH I don’t know. Life is unpredictable. Governments are unpredictable. Of one thing, I’m certain. I’ll definitely lose my friendship with minimum 1 individual, even without naming that individual in any of my posts. Let’s see.

Final thoughts

So yes, I’m going to write about my time at NITI Aayog. Some of the posts in this series are gonna be about the friends I made, the work I did, and in general positive things. Even now, I think I have that naivety in me to believe that the positives in life outweighs the negatives. Some of the posts are about the questionable things I saw or heard at work. Strap in!

Arun Sudarsan
Arun Sudarsan
Economist and Policy Researcher

Arun is an Economist, passionate about Open Data and its potential to increase state transparency and accountability. Loves teaching. Previously worked at NITI Aayog. To subscribe to this blog’s mailing list, please enter your details here. Check your spam folder if you are missing updates. Thanks for subscribing!

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