I cry watching movies

Happy tears and sad tears

Another confession - I cry a lot during movies. If a scene affects me, I can end up crying uncontrollably. And not just the first time I see the scene. It repeats every single time I watch that scene again. So here’s a list of scenes that make me cry. I was able to get YouTube links for a few. Let me know which ones make you cry!

Spoiler Alert - Proceed with caution.

Schindler’s List - He who saves one life saves the world entire

I don’t think any other scene comes close to the amount of emotions it’s able to create in me. In circumstances that are beyond the realm of my ability to comprehend, here’s this one person, who grew a conscience and a spine to save 1000 people from almost certain death.

I could’ve got more. - Oskar Schindler

The Good Place - Eleanor is the Answer

One of the finest sitcoms ever produced, The Good Place is also good enough to activate your tear glands. Chidi and Eleanor fall in love with each other over and over again through the many iterations of their afterlife. After wilfully giving up his memories to serve a common purpose, when Chidi gets his memory back, he asks for note he left for himself.

Eleanor is the Answer - Chidi

Thanmathra - Climax

After this movie ended, I remember looking at my mom’s face. Her face was red, eyes welled up, unable to control the flow of tears! I wasn’t any different.


I know, I know - why would I cry watching a masala movie. Hear me out. Kattappa has just killed Baahubali and blames Sivagami for ordering the execution. I don’t know what makes me cry - may be its Satyaraj’s and Ramya Krishnan’s acting or the background score. (I could only get the Telugu version of the scene on YouTube, but it’s the same.)

Never Have I Ever

When Devi decides to join her mother to spread the ashes of her father, I lost it. The scene was touching, and I started crying. I couldn’t find the scene on YouTube. Check out the final 10 minutes of the final episode on Netflix.

There are more

There are several more scenes and movies that make me cry. A few are

  1. Ente Veedu Appuntem
  2. Valsalyam
  3. Pavithram
  4. Kannathil Muthamittal
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